Guest post: Rebecca Vitsmun and raising money for goodness!

Below is a guest post by Rebecca Vitsmun:

Hey guys, if you haven’t already heard, we are hosting a design contest and this is the last day to submit for your chance to win the $250.00 USD grand prize.

If you guys don’t remember who I am, my name is Rebecca Vitsmun.  A clip of me went viral after I outed myself on live national television after my son and I narrowly escaped a tornado that destroyed my home in May of this year.

Following that, a fundraiser was set up which used a design bearing my quote “I’m actually an atheist.”, but I was not able to buy or obtain the rights to that design moving forward and this contest was created to come up with a design, bearing my quote, for me to hold the rights to and use on projects I work on in the future.

Proceeds from merchandise sold with the design will benefit the Foundation Beyond Belief as they begin their Humanist Service Corps next year and we hope to raise money for other humanist charities as well.

You can check out current submissions and rules for how to enter the contest by visiting the contest’s website at

After the contest closes on October 7th, a vote will begin on I’m Actually an Atheist’s facebook page ( and the winning design will be announced on October 10th.  You can also follow the progress of the contest as well as projects I have coming out, including updates on the progress of the Foundation’s Humanist Service Corps by following me on twitter at

To learn more about some upcoming project by the Foundation Beyond Belief, please watch my speech from the 2013 Atheist Alliance of America National Convention.

To learn more about the Foundation’s projects I spoke about, please visit their website at and follow them on twitter at to get updates as they prepare to launch in 2014.

Good luck and happy designing!

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