I was wrong – the Cosmological Argument makes perfect sense. Thanks “Atheist Killa”.

I used to think Scott Clifton, the man behind the youtube channel Theoretical Bullshit, was a genius without peer.  How could I have been so blind?  I mean, I watched Scott’s video rebutting William Lane Craig’s version of the Kalaam Cosmological Argument and thought it was great.  But that was my own tiny brain failing to grasp the obvious.  Thank you, Atheist Killa, for setting me straight:

This guy really, really wants you to know his name is Atheist Killa.  He reminds you multiple times.  It’s very important.

Here’s Scott’s original vid on the KCA if you’re interested:

And ‘lo and behold, Scott did get William Lane Craig’s attention, and WLC derped:

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  • Greg Scott

    AK’s affected posturing and mannerisms are very entertaining.

    • baal

      AK’s use of definitional argument is less so. I agree he’s trying a little to hard to fit an idiom.

      • Artor

        I don’t know about the idiom, but he’s got the idiot part nailed.

  • JTEberhard

    I want to see him rebut Clifton in a freestyle.

    • tubi11

      How about a sing off with Tony Clifton instead?

  • baal

    How do you explain to people who make terrible arguments that their arguments are terrible? If they had the ability to tell their arguments were terrible, I’d hope they’d not make them. It’s pretty cynical of me but I’m starting to suspect that they know their arguments are all bad and do it anyway on the theory that any rebuttal is better than none.

    • JTEberhard

      For something like this, I’d go with mockery and laughter to send the message that we’re at least unmoved by his posturing.

  • baal

    AtheistKiller had a killer argument that he just left on the shelf – he could have defended the Kalam and totally wiped out TBS with this one simple argument.
    1. god is all that and super smart
    2. so smart that he knew TBS would make his argument
    3. so god, being smarter than TBS, defeated TBS’s argument like back at the start of creation.
    4. TBS is defeated and was defeated even back in the bible times


    (edit: ok, I feel a little bad for doing it but Steve ‘neckbeard’ Willy, if you want to use this one, feel free to do so.)

    • Loqi

      Our worldview lies shattered at our feet!

      • Zinc Avenger

        Ow, my worldview :(

      • islandbrewer

        Was that what I just stepped on? I thought it was cheerios.

  • Loqi

    When can I expect to be killa’d? I want to have my affairs in order before Atheist Killa killas me.


  • SecularAtheist

    I might take this dude (Atheist Killa) a little more serious if he wasn’t trying to be a “thug” and spoke like a civilized human being. My question to him would be, “how do you know these things about God?” “How do you know that he is, in fact, omnipresent in the first place?” Even if you are able to answer that, “where’s your evidence to support it?”


  • islandbrewer

    Why isn’t this guy the head of a Philosophy Department?!?

    ‘Cuz he be like, ‘Yo Professor Homies! Step up your game! I’m Professor Atheist Killa, y’alls Department Head!’

    Yes, I know. Low hanging fruit. But it’s irresistible.

  • islandbrewer

    I disagree with one of Scott’s statements:

    “I don’t buy for one minute that Craig is too stupid to follow this argument,”

    I will never underestimate Craig’s stupidity, no matter how clever he demonstrates himself to be.

  • SansDeus

    How to win arguments with Killa perspective:
    1) Video filters, use’m dawg! Black and white is artsy ‘n shit!
    2) Jesus was a thug; he turned the tables on the money changers.. Literally! So dress accordingly, foo.
    3) Peace and Quiet? Peace out sure, always peace out. Quiet tho? Naw, let people know you got a kid and a woman to feed it.
    4) Keep sayin’ names, it’s wicked intimidating to say your handle especially if it contains Killa. Then keep sayin’ the other dawgs name, if you initialize it, keep reminding people what it is, cause people be forgettin’ all the time unless you mention it over and over.

    [Edit]: Maybe I was too snarky or trying too hard. I’m ill (not in the hiphop sense of the word) this morning and not all there.

  • Techno Spice

    This whole thing is pointless. The very first video asserts that the idea of “god” is that he is supernatural and thus above the laws of physics. When you have an illogical, unsupported, unfalsifiable assumption like that as the basis to your entire argument is a joke.

  • http://boldquestions.wordpress.com/ Ubi Dubium

    Oh, man, such a huge example of a “use-mention error” here. Mr. Killa is completely confusing the idea of a god that he carries around in his head (his “definition of god”) with something that actually exists in the real world. Then he’s using that to try to support an argument. Pathetic, “yo”.

  • cyb pauli

    Kalām Cosmological Argument

    Premise 1: I am a philosopher, but I can’t reconcile my compulsion to believe in a personal creator of life, the universe and everything with empiricism.

    Premise 2: I will use baseless assertions, question begging and circular reasoning to logically prove my God exists.

    Premise 3: No matter how hard rational observers try to untwist the tight weave of my fallacious reasoning, I will cling to it, defend it, and twist it ever more tighter by whatever means necessary.

    Conclusion: I am not delusional.

  • http://www.atheismandthecity.com/ The Thinker

    He kind of looks like Vanilla Ice after rehab.

  • JohnH2

    K, so having used essentially the arguments that he is making in ‘Kalaam like I see them’ previously I can state quite definitely that the philosophical Catholics are quite willing to accept his conclusion: that God doesn’t exist, as for them it is wrong to say that God exists because God is existence. Don’t know about WLC though.