Maddow goes hard on Russian anti-gay laws and the Republicans who support them.

Rachel Maddow is a beautiful woman.

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  • Mackinz

    Even though I have visited her blog, through RightWingWatch, this is my first time seeing a clip of Rachel’s show.

    I have to say… we live in a fucked up time right now. While we supporters of LGBT rights are gradually winning over the American populace, the American Far-Right is moving to countries outside of America because they are obsessed with people having buttsex to the point that they think that no one who has buttsex should have a child within a mile of them.

    I want to see what happens leading up to the Winter Olympics. The GOP will lose the elections hard, and we might get some justice enacted against these pricks.

    My support goes out to all the LGBT struggling in Russia, Uganda, and anywhere else these whackjob pricks have decided to travel to to prevent people from recognizing that homosexuality (et. al) is not something to be punished because an ancient book mentions it, like, seven times.