Maddow on Tea Party racism and the GOP’s story on the shutdown.

Rachel Maddow wrote a piece on yesterday’s Tea Party protest at the White House that really paints the Tea Party as the party of racism and proud ignorance (why hasn’t their deep-seated Christianity cured them of these things?  If I didn’t know better, I’d almost say it contributed…).  Here’s the part that really struck me:

Oh, and let’s not forget the confederate flag which was seen multiple times.

But these people aren’t racists at all, right?  Obama’s race has nothing to do with their vile hatred towards him, huh?  Oh please.  Hell, tea party icon “Joe the Plumber” just recently seemingly endorsed an article that flat-out said “America needs a white Republican president.”Nope, no racism involved at all, nothing to see here.

These people just absolutely drip with ignorance.  Here we sit, the government is shut down due to the behavior of their party, yet they’re blaming President Obama?  Really?

They’re appalled that these memorials are shut down.  Well, what the hell did they think “shutdown” meant?  Yes, these memorials are shut down, that’s part of a “government shutdown.”  It’s what their party caused and what people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul spoke out in favor of for the last several months.

But now this is President Obama’s fault?  Why?  Because he won’t allow Republicans to blackmail him into giving in to their demands?

These people are pathetic.  They’re driven by racism, ignorance and pure stupidity.

And two Senators and an ex-candidate for Vice President were among them (Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin).  They were there at the protest implying (or outright continuing to say) that the shutdown is the fault of Obama.  So their story seems to run this way:

The GOP said they wanted to shut down the government.  All spring the GOP blocked the very same negotiations they now claim to want.  The GOP claimed responsibility for the shutdown.  The GOP has prevented a vote on a clean CR in the House that would re-open the government, even changing the rules the night before the shutdown to afford themselves that power.  They have done this even though the votes are there to pass a clean CR.

And this is all Obama’s fault.

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