On commemorative coin in honor of Pope Francis, Vatican misspells “Jesus”.

I can’t make this shit up.

It should have read: “VIDIT ERGO JESUS PUBLICANUM ET QUIA MISERANDO ATQUE ELIGENDO VIDIT, AIT ILLI SEQUERE ME,” but unfortunately for the Vatican, the word Jesus was rendered as Lesus.

The medals – 200 in gold, 3,000 in silver and 3,000 in bronze – were hastily recalled after being put on sale at the Vatican Publishing House in St Peter’s Square.

But four were sold before they were withdrawn, with experts predicting that they would now rocket in value because of their rarity.

As the news hit Twitter, one user wrote: “I blame the Lesuits.”

Those damn Lesuits.

  • Artor

    Oops! You botched it too. There’s no “J” in Latin. The spelling should be Iesus. I assume that’s where the mistake arose, someone taking a capital “I” for a lower case “L.”

    • aoscott

      Very interesting!

    • Kodie

      No QC?

  • Rob

    So who’s the patron saint of typos?

    • Artor

      Saint Gutenberg?

  • otrame

    Tpyos is the goddess of typos. I thought everyoen new that.