People drafting the Arab blasphemy law think prohibitions are not prohibitions.

It’s so hard sometimes to tell if someone is stupid and lying or if they’re just plain stupid.

So member states of the Arab League are drafting a blasphemy law.  Here is how one official described the law:

“The main feature of the draft is that it gives every state the right to put on trial those who abuse and hold in contempt religions even if they are outside the country,” Ebrahim Mousa Al Hitmi, the Qatari justice ministry assistant undersecretary for legal affairs, said, local Arabic daily Al Arab reported on Wednesday.

The official insisted that the draft law does not clash with freedom of expression.

“The law does not interfere in any way with the freedom of opinion and expression which is well protected and guaranteed.”


Blasphemy: the notion that a person shouldn’t be permitted to express negative opinions about religion.  The law would punish those who blasphemed.  In what universe does this not clash with the freedom of expression?  That’s like saying laws against stealing in no way clash with taking other people’s shit without their permission.

Look, transparent lies only work when they’re in a holy book being read by people who already buy into the religion.  When human beings do it, we just call you liar.

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