Racism alive and well (and affecting education) in Alabama.

In Daphne, AL the local high school had its French teacher retire.  Fortunately for them they had a teacher who used to be a University professor in Arabic, so they decided to offer a course in the language.

Little did they know that by teaching their kids a particular foreign language that the administration of Daphne High School were advancing Islam and terrorism.

“This is America, and English is our language, and while I understand the alleged premise of offering Arabic at our high school, I don’t agree with it,” said Michael Rife, who lives in Daphne. “It is not just another language; it is a language of a religion of hate. I’m concerned about our taxpayer dollars going to fund such a program, because I don’t believe it has a lot of foundational value.

“It just concerns me that we’re headed down a path of further eroding our society to a Muslim-based society, or Sharia law (the moral code of Islam), and I’m not willing to let that happen without … something to say about it.”

Yes, and because terrible ideas have been expressed in English in the past, we should also bar that language too, I guess.

Pyritz was also disturbed, he said, after meeting with Baldwin school officials to voice his concerns and learning of plans to expand Arabic and other language course offerings in Daphne’s elementary and middle schools.

“They’re trying to indoctrinate our children with this culture that has failed,” he said. “…Why should we want to teach our kids a failed culture when we have a culture that has been successful? All we have to do is follow our Christian culture, which has brought this nation to the pinnacle of success. … I don’t see why they would want to teach this.”

Do these people think that every kid who takes French develops a taste for wine or that every student who takes Spanish inevitably starts Flamenco dancing?  Learning about a culture has zero to do with endorsing the culture.  And a language only means you can communicate with certain people, it doesn’t make you adopt any behavioral practices.

Nope, these parents would have their children stay just like them: ignorant of other cultures.  And even though they’re ignorant of other cultures, they know those cultures are full-to-bursting with evil of all sorts.  Call it faith.

Thankfully the Superintendent is having none of this shit:

Alan Lee, superintendent of the Baldwin County school system, said Daphne High, with an enrollment of about 1,400, includes students from 30 countries, and that offering Arabic is one of many ways that the school keeps an international focus and helps its graduates prepare for the global economy.

“If you look at the languages of the world, Arabic certainly would be one of the languages that I would want my own child to learn, because of the opportunities it would provide” in terms of careers and paths of study, Lee said.

Daphne High School strives to provide its students with an understanding of different cultures and societies, Lee said. “We’re proud of the school,” he said, adding that he hopes the Baldwin County school system will soon be able to offer a plethora of foreign language opportunities for children from kindergarten on up.

“I’m very excited about that,” Lee said. “I’m sure many parents will want their children to learn Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese or Arabic.”

Well done, Mr. Lee.  Way to do what you can to save your students from the god (and brown people) fearing folk of Alabama.

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