Robertson: Humanism leads to Nazis and guillotines.

I’ve met humanists.  They tend to concern themselves primarily with what makes humanity flourish to the greatest extent.  To Pat Robertson, if god isn’t telling us not to kill one another, the only logical thing to do is to implement an orgy of death.

Focus on the irony for a moment: if we don’t believe in the god who told Abraham to murder his son for no reason whatsoever, who commanded the genocide of countless people, how will we ever forge a society where we don’t kill one another?  What gets me is that it is implied by anybody reciting this line that, if not for their belief in god, they’d be the first people to go into full-on stab mode (otherwise, they’d understand how there is no desire to engage in wanton murder for theological commands to sublimate).

This is the type of thing that shouldn’t make sense to a toddler, yet so many adults drunk on faith will nod their heads and say “yeah, humanists man…look out for those guys.”  Hundreds of thousands of people tune into this stuff because it not only doesn’t sound crazy to them, it sounds completely reasonable.  This is what faith can do to a human brain.


  • Timmah

    When Pat Robertson starts squinting, you know terrifying hilarity is incoming.

  • CottonBlimp

    Literally right after Moses reveals “thou shalt not kill”, doesn’t he kill 3000 people for worshiping the wrong god?

    • Zinc Avenger

      Well Moses didn’t have Pat around to remind them that God is the only reason not to kill everything so lets cut the Big M a little slack.

  • baal

    The guillotine is happening right now in Europe? Pat didn’t have enough Wheaties today.

    • Zinc Avenger

      Fun fact: The death penalty has been abolished in all European countries, (except for Belarus). They’re a secular hellhole with rampant murder, unlike the US where life is cherished and respected because God.

  • GubbaBumpkin