Sally Kohn writes in support of the Affordable Care Act on Fox News.

Things are getting serious for the Tea Party when Fox News posts articles in support of Obamacare.  Sally Kohn writes about her experience signing up for the ACA:

This option will cost my family $931 per month — $408 per year less than my previous crappy plan and a $5,000 savings in deductibles. A big win for me and my family financially and in terms of what’s covered.

Plus in the past, I spent several days looking for and comparing insurance options. Under ObamaCare, even with the slow and sticky website, I spent a total of four hours — to save over $5,400. That kind of return on investment would make Warren Buffett drool.

It sounds like Sally is having a comparable experience to what happened with my parents.

There is also a journalistic standard on display here from which many of the other Fox people could learn a thing or two: Sally went and got first-hand experience about what the subject of which she intended to write.

Kohn concludes with:

We’ve suffered through four years of outlandish attacks against ObamaCare — that it will kill our grandmothers, or at least just kill our economy. But the fact is that ObamaCare has created a private marketplace so that millions of American families like mine can get affordable, quality health insurance while keeping more of our hard-earned money.

Ideologues may not like ObamaCare, but my wallet and my family’s health sure do.

Many of those ideologues are her compatriots at Fox.  Hopefully they will listen to one of their own.

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  • tubi11

    Exactly. She now fails the TP purity test, which requires blind hatred of everything the Negrocrat in the White House has ever touched. I suspect she’ll find she’s given fewer and fewer assignments until she finally just gives up and starts working for Joe Scarborough.

  • Matthew Curry Pye

    But its not free – those “savings” are coming out of the pocket of other Americans.
    Basically you’ve got 2 options that will work long term:
    1. Go full capitalist open market.
    2. Fully socialise the medical system to reduce the overall cost of the system on society (what is also done for police and fire services)

    • Fred

      Weren’t we already trying the first one?

    • Eh, Switzerland has a highly regulated insurance market. I do mean highly regulated- there are rules requiring insurance companies to take anyone, rules about pricing schemes and minimum coverage, rules about how much profit they can make, etc.

      But it does show that one can involve private corporations and still have a successful health care/health insurance paradigm.

  • Fred

    You conceal your integrity and downplay your education.