Speaking in Minneapolis tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning I’m headed to Minneapolis to give my most popular talk: Skepticism and Mental Illness.  The talk will be from 7-9pm on Thursday, Oct 24 in Folwell Hall room #108.  We’re going to Stub & Herbs afterward for general carousing.

This will mark the third time I’ve given this talk.  Each time it reminds me how exhausting honesty can be.  But it’s worth it.  Hope to see some of you there.  🙂

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  • baal

    I’ve been to both locations before but don’t think I can get out tomorrow. GL with the talk, it was moving to watch even in the video a while back.

  • Loqi

    You managed to pick the day I have to work until 2am because of a major software release. Well played, sir.

  • Scott

    JT, do you mind sharing the thesis statement of the talk?

  • Highlander

    Dang, I have a ticket to the Wild game that night, in a Vendor’s suite. I can’t skip it either, since we are actually doing some business while we are there.

  • Steve Willy

    Wow, blogs like this have really opened my eyes. I mean this is mind blowing stuff! Except, well … let’s put the Hitchens-Dawkins Kool-Aid down for a while and look at reality: Kalaam Cosmological Argument, the Argument from Reason, Fine Tuning of Universal Constants, irreducible biological complexity, the argument from morality…. Your entire world view lies shattered at your feet. If you truly honor the gods of reason and critical thinking half as much as you claim, you would plant your face firmly into your hand, step away from the device, find a quiet place, and rethink your life.
    Indeed, why are you even bothering to comment at all? No atheistic position can be taken seriously until two threshold questions can coherently be answered. 1. Why is the atheist even engaging in the debate. On atheism, there is no objective basis for even ascertaining truth; there is no immaterial aspect to consciousness and all mental states are material. Therefore, everyone who ever lived and ever will live could be wrong about a thing. By what standard would that ever be ascertained on atheism? Also if atheism is true, there is no objective meaning to existence and no objective standard by which the ‘rational’ world view of atheism is more desirable, morally or otherwise, to the ‘irrational’ beliefs of religion. Ridding the world of the scourge of religion, so that humanity can ‘progress’ or outgrow it, is not a legitimate response to this because on atheism, there is no reason to expect humanity to progress or grow. We are a historical accident that should fully expect to be destroyed by the next asteriod, pandemic, or fascist atheist with a nuke. In short, if atheism is correct, there is no benefit, either on an individual or societal level, to knowing this or to spreading such ‘knowledge.’
    2. Related to this, why is the atheist debater even alive to participate. If there is no heaven, no hell, no afterlife at all, only an incredibly window of blind pitiless indifference, then the agony of struggling to exist, seeing loved ones die, and then dying yourself can never be outweighed by any benefit to existing. As rude as it way sound (and I AM NOT advocating suicide) the atheist should have a coherent explanation for why they chose to continue existing. Failure to adequately address these threshold questions should result in summary rejection of the neckbeard’s position.
    In the end, we all know you can’t answer these questions because yours is a petty, trivial, localized, earth bound philosophy, unworthy of the universe.
    Finally, is there a basement dwelling troll left in the multiverse who doesn’t drag themselves out of the primordial ooze and logged onto this site in order to announce our collective atheism towards Thor, that gardens can be beautiful without fairies (a powerful rebuttal to fairy apologetics, by the way, but it leaves a lot unanswered about the Gardener), and that we cling to Bronze Age skymen due to our fear of the dark? Let me translate that to neckbeard: you are unoriginal, you are wrong, and you are an ass.

    Oh, and atheism is incoherent:

    • RobMcCune

      Put your Neckbeard down and Look at real physics, real chemistry and real biology: your Basement Dwelling lies shattered below your feet. Your neckbeard is unworthy of growing past your jawline.

      No Steve Willy arguments can be take seriously until he stops ultraouche trolling. If catholicism is true then objective meaning is the arbitrary whim of a neckbeard in a funny hate. This is self contradictory How can you justify your logic if your if violate it with vatican bound circular reasoning.

      2.a.iii. Why is Steve Willy advocating his petty trivial suicide when it is forbidden by his religion of love, but encouraged by his true religion of hate?

      Even worse hypocrite steve willy posts the same 5 things over and over and calls others unoriginal because he is a wrong ass.

      • Steve Willy

        Rob, you Hitchens-Dawkins parroting megadouche, I think you tacitly know that it’s time for you to stfu. Search your feelings, you know it is true.

        • RobMcCune

          Steve willy has no feeling all he can do is yell basement dwelling neckbeard megadouce because he parrots that one time on the internet he was actually clever. Now he spends his lonely existence trying to recreate it.