The GOP makes “a good faith effort” to save their image.

I loathe John Boehner.

It’s a common tactic when negotiating the price of anything to lowball them.  Say a person wants $200 for a sofa and you only want to pay $150.  You don’t start by offering $150, you start by offering $100 and then let them negotiate you up to what you wanted to pay.

In this case, Boehner and the GOP are refusing to do their job of funding the government, and are now saying they’ll do part of their job if the Democrats scrap democratically enacted laws that have nothing to do with that part of the GOP’s job.  He’s lowballing, and he’s then preening saying “Look how great we are, look at our good faith offer to temporarily clean up part of the mess we created” as if the President (or any American) should be grateful for the GOP fulfilling part of the minimum that is expected of them.  Is that how low our standards have gotten?

This is an attempt to remove some of the tarnish the GOP has accumulated during this process, and it will only work on people who don’t realize that this amounts to “We’re only holding America kind of hostage for six weeks”.

Boehner keeps saying the Democrats won’t negotiate.  But they will negotiate on bills and laws.  They have attempted to do so, only to be blocked by Boehner and the Republicans.  What they won’t negotiate on is whether or not the Republicans should fund the government.  This is not negotiable.  You shouldn’t get to hold the economy hostage in lieu of actual negotiation.  The Democrats won’t negotiate on whether or not concessions should be tied to doing the job expected of our politicians.  The Dems are happy to negotiate on the merits of a proposition, but they won’t pay a ransom.

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