The GOP makes “a good faith effort” to save their image.

I loathe John Boehner.

It’s a common tactic when negotiating the price of anything to lowball them.  Say a person wants $200 for a sofa and you only want to pay $150.  You don’t start by offering $150, you start by offering $100 and then let them negotiate you up to what you wanted to pay.

In this case, Boehner and the GOP are refusing to do their job of funding the government, and are now saying they’ll do part of their job if the Democrats scrap democratically enacted laws that have nothing to do with that part of the GOP’s job.  He’s lowballing, and he’s then preening saying “Look how great we are, look at our good faith offer to temporarily clean up part of the mess we created” as if the President (or any American) should be grateful for the GOP fulfilling part of the minimum that is expected of them.  Is that how low our standards have gotten?

This is an attempt to remove some of the tarnish the GOP has accumulated during this process, and it will only work on people who don’t realize that this amounts to “We’re only holding America kind of hostage for six weeks”.

Boehner keeps saying the Democrats won’t negotiate.  But they will negotiate on bills and laws.  They have attempted to do so, only to be blocked by Boehner and the Republicans.  What they won’t negotiate on is whether or not the Republicans should fund the government.  This is not negotiable.  You shouldn’t get to hold the economy hostage in lieu of actual negotiation.  The Democrats won’t negotiate on whether or not concessions should be tied to doing the job expected of our politicians.  The Dems are happy to negotiate on the merits of a proposition, but they won’t pay a ransom.

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  • Sneezeguard

    My main concern of this, honestly, is if the Republican party achieves their stated goals in negotiations, then it’ll simply establish this as the new normal for politics.

    • RobMcCune

      Actually Republicans have been obstructing mundane government business ever since Obama was elected. A few years ago they got our credit rating downgraded by refusing to raise the debt ceiling, this is normal for U.S. politics.

      • iknklast

        They created a lot of obstruction during the Clinton administration. It worked for them so well, they decided to put it on steroids.

        • RobMcCune

          Yeah, but that was when they had a leadership that would respond to a deterrent.

  • busterggi

    “Boehner keeps saying the Democrats won’t negotiate. ”

    While ignoring the fact that the last proposal from Obama & the Senate is essentially the Ryan budget that Boehner demanded last year, essentially given the Rethugs everything they said they wanted. But everything is not enough anymore.

    • Jasper

      … and this is the same reason why “Why don’t negotiate with terrorists”. It sets a bad precedent.

  • Fred

    The best thing the Republican party can do for themselves is to put a clean budget up for a vote. Let the Tea Party’ers rage and run people for office in “normal” republican districts. After the Tea Party’ers loose horribly. Then they can rebuild something workable from the wreckage.

    • baal

      I’m more than half convinced they want to either crash the federal government under a misguided notion that they’ll avoid the problems that creates or that they’ll be in position to take control 100% and turn the country into a monarchy.

      • # zbowman

        I was half convinced, fifteen years or so back, that that was the plan with Bush. He wasn’t democratically elected, he was in power basically because he was his father’s son, he spent his time in office ignoring laws he didn’t like and changing the rules to suit his friends, and he used a god as his excuse for being there. Sounds like a monarch to me.

  • Richard Wade

    The GOP has not worked for the U.S. or the American people for many years. They have worked for a handful of billionaires, and since Citizens United, they work for a smaller handful of multi-billionaires. They don’t give a cockroach’s crap about what damage they do to the American people. What their overlords want is an American demographic that resembles Mexico: a small upper class with all the political power, no middle class at all, since they get educated and start agitating, and a huge uneducated lower class that is caught in a desperate, daily struggle just to keep eating so they don’t have time or resources to cause the billionaire ruling families any trouble.

    In courting the lunatic ultra right, aka the Tea Party, the GOP has created a Frankenstein’s monster that is now about to bring the whole castle, laboratory and all, down on top of everyone’s heads. We can only hope that we survive long enough for a pogrom to vote out every one of the extremists and plutocrat ass-kissers in the next election in Nov. 2014. But that will only happen if there is so much painful damage to everyone that even the Tea Party voters realize their ideology is a delusion, and they’ve been cynically used by the likes of the Koch brothers.

    • busterggi

      No, the ‘baggers will never realize they’re delusional – just as they keep believing predictions about the end of the world they will simply come up with an excuse that blames everyone they hate and rewrite their history so they were ‘never’ wrong.