Your morning happiness: another cuteness dump and farewell to Lou Reed.

Sorry for the late start.  I slept in.  I regret nothing.  Here’s a great way to start the day.

This dog has a butterfly on its nose and is so confused.
My cats used to bring me dead mice to show me how much they loved me. This is much better.
He is a newly rescued pug.
Go home kitteh, you iz not waturr.
This is the face Michaelyn makes every time she tells a joke. That’s why it’s included here.

Also, Lou Reed has died.  He was a spectacular musician and, from all accounts, a generous and spectacular person.  Here are my favorite song by him: “Perfect Day”.

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  • BionicWoman

    JT that’s a lunar moth, not a butterfly. Geez. 😛

    • Michaelyn

      Luna* (Entomology was my jam in the 5th grade 😛 )