Your morning happiness: Pentatonix.


Seriously friends and fans, you have failed me – and I won’t soon forget it.  Anyway, here they are doing a compilation called The Wizard of Ahhhhhs:

Here they are covering the Imagine Dragons song Radioactive:

If you watch their other videos you get a feel for what kind of upbeat nerds these guys are.  To see them get made up all hardcore in that video cracks me up – especially the lead-singer in the song.  He sells it.

Here’s the song everybody covers: Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye:

Interesting story about their tenor (who I think is the best voice in the group, he’s unreal – that little run he does at the 2:38 mark in the last video was so pure): he was bullied in school because of his voice.  I’m glad he didn’t run from his voice and instead choose to embrace it over his haters.  He talked about it when Pentatonix was working with the Trevor Project (a charity that fights suicide in youth on account of bullying).

But what really puts them over the top is that they do an *Nsync medley (JC was way better than Justin):

What a bunch of fun music nerds. I approve.

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  • baal

    I play them for my infant. She’s really cute when she tries to sing to herself.

  • Alyson Ruff-Roberts

    My favorite was their rendition of “The Dog Days Are Over” on the Sing-Off. I agree – very talented and enjoyable group!

  • Tim Keating

    We kind of assumed you were familiar with that site “you tube”? So, much the same way we don’t feel like we need to tell you religion is bad, we didn’t feel like we needed to tell you Pentatonix was awesome. It seemed self-evident.

  • Tim Keating

    Oh, and just so we don’t catch any shit later — here’s Peter Hollens, in case you missed him:

  • RowanVT

    Ohmigosh, I love this group so much. There are days where I will have their version of Radioactive on loop for *hours*. The making-of video for that one is hilarious.