Hanging out around Kansas making sure my in-law stock is rising.

Hey all.  I’ve spent the last couple days driving around Kansas to spend the holidays with Michaelyn’s parents.  I’m such a good future son-in-law.  Seriously, fifty points for Ravenclaw courtesy of me.  Seriously though, I love Michaelyn’s family (a luxury not every person gets with their engagement), so I’m having a great deal of fun.

I just wanted to pop in to say I hope you’re all having a fun Thanksgiving holiday.  I’ve had to do some work during mine: I got asked to write the cover story for the forthcoming issue of American Atheist magazine.  No pressure there, right?  I literally just finished and submitted it.  It’s called “The Good and the Bad: Coming Out of the Closet as an American Atheist.”  As the title suggests, it was both fun and sad to write.  Here’s hoping it lives up to their standards.

I’ll be home and in my own bed later tonight and back to blogging Monday morning.  I’ve never said it, but I’m grateful you guys are patient with me during holidays.  My family is very important to me (I know, I know…an atheist with family values???).  I’m glad I can take time to be with them without worrying that you guys are demanding that I write every single day.

You guys are the best.  <3  See you Monday.

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