Happy ending for the Kansas City Atheist Coalition.

It turns out that not all religious people prioritize evangelizing over doing good works.  The KCAC have reported that we have a happy ending to this story.  The atheists will get to volunteer helping the homeless, they will get to work with religious people on common goals, and there are religious groups that haven’t had their priorities corrupted by their religion:

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition has received an overwhelming amount of requests from various organizations to assist them during the Thanksgiving holiday. We were pleased to receive a request from The Micah Ministry of Independence Boulevard to help serve food to those in need during their Thanksgiving dinner on Monday, November 25th.

Senior Minister Lee Chiraimonte has expressed that they do not require an acceptance of faith from those who volunteer, nor do they ask one of those who need a warm meal for the night. They accept all who enter their doors regardless of faith, sexual orientation, race, creed, or legal standing. We are quite excited to simply work together and sincerely help those who are less fortunate.

Not thanks to god – thanks to good people who have sensible prerogatives.

Christians everywhere should be grateful to the Micah ministry as well as all the other charitable organizations that accept anybody willing to help the poor, not just the ones who will use charity as a carrot on a stick.  They are the antithesis to groups like the Kansas City Rescue Mission, which should be ashamed of themselves (and would be if they didn’t think Jesus was giving them the cosmic thumbs up for choosing evangelism over efficiency in feeding the poor).

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