Taoiseach Enda Kenny Defies the Church Again

First he delivered a blistering reprimand to the Catholic Church over the Cloyne Report.

Then he offered a heartfelt apology to the women incarcerated and forced to labor as slaves in Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries. (Full text is of the 19 minute apology is here.)


(The church, of course, has yet to apologize.)

Now he’s publicly breaking with the Catholic Church again – this time by saying the he supports a referendum allowing same-sex marriage in the Republic of Ireland.

The Vatican is dealt a decisive blow as it loses its grip on one of the most staunchly Catholic of European countries. Ireland’s official opposition to Vatican policy demonstrates the Church’s tenuous grip on its adherents – they aren’t adhering very strongly to oppressive policies and controlling dictates.

One can only hope that the opposition to Catholic social demands continues this trend, and that eventually Islam will lose its grip on countries just as decisively.

Imagine no religion…


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