Vote to give a grant to a theater troupe renovating a theater.

I received an email yesterday from one of the members of SOMA (the atheist group at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, where I now live – they put on Reasonfest every year).  It read:

I’m trying to help [my boyfriend’s] theatre group get enough votes online to apply for a grant to buy and renovate a theatre. I’ve messaged a ton of friend on Facebook but I’m still coming up about 80 votes short. Do you have any tips on how to get the last 75-80 votes? I still have about a week.

I know this person and she’s an absolutely wonderful person, as is her boyfriend.  They would do a lot of good with this grant (secular people doing good?  *gasp*).  Sadly, it turns out I don’t have any idea how a person might get 75-80 votes by people voting at this link.  I wish I could help.  Instead I’ll just hope that when I check back later that they’ve somehow gotten the votes.

(You will need a facebook account to vote…but seriously, it’ll be great for the arts and it won’t cost you a dime, just 20 seconds)

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