ESPN reverses decision, will air Christian ad.

In ESPN’s guidelines is a passage that reads:

“ESPN does not accept advertising that consists of, in whole or in part, political or religious advocacy or issue-oriented advertising.”

And written in invisible ink right afterward is the phrase “…unless Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, and their ilk complain enough.”  ESPN initially rejected an ad for SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center because of its overt Christian message.  But now it will air during a football game this Saturday.

Here’s the ad:

Help us show them god’s healing presence…

If you ask me, it makes little sense to beseech god to heal these children for a number of reasons.  First, if god created everything, then he created cancer and AIDS and hurricanes and whatever other maladies might land kids in the hospital (and keep them from their families on Xmas).  If god didn’t think this was good, he’d change it.  It’s somewhat nonsensical to pray to god and say “God, I know you’re all wise, but maybe change this up at the request of a mere mortal?”.

Second, if god, being all knowing and foreseeing the children’s afflictions (including all of them throughout history that actually killed the kids before humans subverted god’s plan with medicine) the moment he crafted leukemia, didn’t see fit to prevent their illnesses, what makes them think he’d have any interest in curing them?  If god despised the suffering of children he would’ve stopped it from ever happening, not watching them suffer until enough people bowed and scraped.

Third, if you’re trusting in god’s healing power, it’s a tad strange that the kids are being treated by doctors, isn’t it?  I mean, what is the use of doctors if god’s on the job…unless, of course, you’re trying to give god credit for what humans do (unless it’s lynching gay people or flying planes into buildings)?

But none of that matters to the god drunk people behind this ad.  Jesus is great and here are a bunch of mentally pliable children at their weakest.  If ever there were prime targets for evangelism, here they are.  And they spin it into a message of “look at how loving Christians are”.  Bullshit.  These people are cynical opportunists who wouldn’t know logic if it slapped them.  “Hope.”  Yeah, take the doctors away and see how much hope god delivers to these children.  Take away the human beings who do care about children suffering and see how much of the slack god’s prepared to take up.  I swear, humanity will never be happier than when it finally begins to draw a fraction of the real hope from the ranks of humankind as it attempts to dredge from the empty well of religion.

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