Father on Duck Dynasty’s ex-star Phil Robertson’s “freedom of speech.”

So you may have heard that the star of a reality show based around what a down home yokul he is said some very hateful things about gay people.  As a result, he was fired from the show.  Well this has the South up in a tizzy about how persecuted this poor Christian man is.  There are cries from throughout the Republican party as well as the deep South that Robertson’s freedom of speech has been infringed.  Here in Bumblefuck, Arkansas dad is hearing it constantly.

This is what he has been saying:

Isn’t it funny how all the free market, de-regulation, anti-union, anti-employee protection conservatives are having a hissy fit because a guy got legally fired?  Apparently, there is some confusion about the Constitutional concept of “freedom of speech”. Let me explain it in simple terms. “Freedom of Speech” means you are allowed to spew just about any vile, hateful, ignorant, garbage that you want to without intererence from your GOVERNMENT.

If Phil wasn’t arrested or harassed by the police, then his freedom of speech was not infringed. “Freedom of Speech” does NOT mean you are allowed to spew just about any vile, hateful, ignorant, garbage that you want to without criticism or consequences from employers or the public. The idea that employers have to retain employees NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY is silly, and the legal concept of “freedom of speech” doesn’t make it any less silly.

I can’t help but wonder how many of the folks screaming about the unfairness of Phil getting fired would have made a peep if he had been fired for being gay. It is perfectly legal in 29 states to fire someone just because they are gay.


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