Ex-gay activist: America isn’t free because homosexuality isn’t criminalized.

If you’re arguing that America isn’t free because you’re not allowed to throw your enemies in jail, you probably have pretty shit definitions of “freedom” and “equality”.

Ex-gay activist D.L. Foster appeared on Linda Harvey’s radio show over the weekend where he declared that the United States is no longer the “land of the free” because homosexuality is no longer illegal.

The two spent time criticizing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for launching a State Department program to advance LGBT equality abroad, or as Foster called it, “U.S.-imported gay imperialism,” while hailing anti-LGBT laws in nations like Jamaica and India, where homosexuality is a criminal offense. Foster called Russia the “crown jewel” of the anti-LGBT movement for its “series of laws that literally enraged the homosexual world.”

“I say three cheers for these nations, these cheers for these countries who recognize something that America, the so-called ‘land of the free and the home of the brave,’ has not recognized: that God’s laws are more important than man’s laws,” Foster added.

How does a grown man not see the contradiction there?  Asserting that America isn’t free because freedoms aren’t curtailed is like saying the ocean isn’t wet because there’s water there.  It’s about as backwards as a person can get.

And the end part where he says god’s laws are more important than man’s laws…it’s implying that freedom means the freedom to abide by the tenets of his religion.  I wonder how Foster would feel if he had the freedom to wear only size 34″ waist jeans, or the freedom to be a Muslim but no other religion?  Would that strike him as freedom?  Of course not.

What’s more, “god’s laws” are a bunch of shit that men wrote down.  Like every other religion, it’s moral rules created by men that they ascribe to god.  If they were god’s laws then he’d be on the radio show dispensing them, not D.L. Foster.

Equality in itself is enough cause of celebration.  But when marriage equality comes to the United States, to all of the United States, I will toast an additional glass because I know that across America people like D.L. Foster are furious.

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