Fischer: parenting by gay parents is a form of child abuse.

Bryan Fischer didn’t like the gay weddings at the Grammys.  He had this to say of them:

“If you care about children,” Fischer said, “this thing ought to appall you because gay marriage is bad for children. In fact, same-sex parenting – I’m going to be very direct here – same-sex parenting is a form of child abuse”

Bear in mind that this is coming from a person who believes telling children if they don’t conform to a bunch of arbitrary rules that they’ll burn for eternity is terrific parenting.

So if you have two male parents who perform the exact same actions with the exact same affection as the greatest mixed-gender parents on earth, it goes from being perfect parenting all the way to child abuse…because penis.

Better leave those kids in the foster system to protect them from gay parents who, however loving, would wind up inadvertently abusing those kids through the presence of an extra penis or vagina when they’re making the kids eggs in the morning or tucking the kids into bed in their own rooms at night.

You know what’s child abuse?  Denying kids loving parents because you put your hatred of gay people over the needs of children, you hollow fuck.  Religion make people better?  Nonsense.  The news every day is saturated with stories of people who have been turned into complete and utter assholes (all while thinking they’re at the top of the love heap) because of their religion.

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