Nigerian teen caged for 30 months by her parents…because she’s a witch.

At least they didn’t burn her.

The grubby dungeon, located in front of her family apartment, was built with carton board and roofing sheets ostensibly to ward off the elements and gave it the semblance of a dwelling place.

The less than four feet high structure could be mistaken for cage for dog.

Sadly, this had been the abode of 16-year-old Blessing Olokumo in the last two and a half years.

Why?  Because Blessing had the blasphemous audacity to get sick.

Sunday Vanguard learnt that though Blessing’s was born normal, her problem started about 13 years ago when she was aged three in Delta State.

She was said to have to have suffered from convulsion, which was not properly taken care of by her parents probably due to ignorance. The father was then said to have acted against doctor’s advice by forcefully taking her away from the hospital where she receiving treatment because he could not afford the N15,000 medical bill.

The convulsion was said to have worsened over time due to poor medical attention leading to her abnormal behaviour.

It was then concluded that Blessing was performing witchcraft, not that she was actually sick.  In the 21st century this kind of reaction to a sickness is embarrassing and cruel.  There was a time when religion was respected as the answer to why people were sick when this was the norm.  If there’s a silver light here, it’s how far even religious people have departed from religion’s roots in favor of science and knowledge.  And that trend will only continue, but sadly not in time for this young girl.

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