Taxpayer dollars being used to uneducate kids.

Zack Kopplin does some of the most important work in the movement: he digs into creationism in high schools like none other.  An article in Slate the other day piggy-backed off Kopplin’s work and gave us a map where taxpayer money is being used to teach creationism.  If you go look at the map, you may notice two particular problem areas:

This is a problem created by legislation.  Take Louisiana, for instance:

The Louisiana Science Education Act of 2008 allows teachers to use “supplemental textbooks and other instructional materials to help students understand, analyze, critique, and review scientific theories in an objective manner,” specifically theories regarding “evolution, the origins of life, global warming, and human cloning”—in effect, allowing creationist material inside classroom. It’s no coincidence that the Discovery Institute, a creationist think tank that provides such “supplemental textbooks,” helped write the bill, which the American Association for the Advancement of Science described as an “assault against scientific integrity.”

That must be how we get lawsuits like this one in Louisiana, where a family is suing over improper behavior by one of their child’s teachers:

The family claims that, in addition to proclaiming that people are unintelligent if they do not believe in God, the teacher reportedly told students that world was created 6,000 years ago, that the Bible is true and that evolution is an impossibility, according to the Post.

The complaint also alleges that she called the student’s Buddhism stupid during a lesson on the subject.

The family also claims that the Sabine Parish School District routinely spreads the Christian faith by allowing class prayer and invocations at school events. Bible verses are apparently shown on the high school’s marquee and a picture of Jesus is said to be hung above a doorway.

Hey, it’s not piss ignorance that stands in stark opposition to science…it’s “supplemental”.

A lot of people have asked me what can be done about this.  Every state bordering Louisiana or Tennessee should build a fence along that border so they don’t infect the rest of us.  To any atheists or believers who haven’t had their minds twisted by faith, I’m sorry the presence of religion is having such an adverse affect on the schools which you depend upon for your children’s education.

Just like the most debasing behavior toward LGBT people can be considered “love” if your perspective has been corrupted by faith, so too can the contaminating young minds with the opposite of knowledge be considered “education”.  This is what religion can do to people – and, through them, what it can do to children.

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