The Blaze doesn’t like the Freethought Books Project.

The Center for Inquiry has begun providing inmates at prisons with educational books about freethought, logic, etc.  It’s kind of like what religious people do with bibles, except instead of being told they must believe on shoddy evidence the CFI is trying to teach people to reject claims unsupported by evidence.  It’s a solid life skill, and it’s a great program.

Of course, when Christians distribute their books to inmates it’s an act of compassion, a heroic display of god’s good will.  When atheists do it?  Well, then we’re “targeting inmates”:

Give an inmate a bible and it’s awesome.  Give them a book that says “Don’t believe claims that are unsupported by evidence” and you’re “targeting inmates” and “battling the bible” and depths to which no Christian would ever stoop.

Of course, you don’t get to believing someone rose from the dead if you have any appreciation for consistency.

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