Bishop kept altar boy list from police.

You guys know Roger Mahoney, right (if you don’t, click herehere, and here)?  Well, something else has come up about ol’ Roger.  It turns out when police investigating one of the priests in his charge back in the day they asked for a list of altar boys at the priest’s last parish.  Mahoney denied it to them.

When Los Angeles police were investigating allegations of child abuse by a Roman Catholic priest in 1988, they asked for a list of altar boys at the last parish where the priest worked.

Archbishop Roger Mahony told a subordinate not to give the list, saying he didn’t want the boys to be scarred by the investigation and that he felt the altar boys were too old to be potential victims, according to a February 2013 deposition made public Wednesday.

So they’re too old to be potential victims (of crimes that certainly didn’t happen), but young enough to be scarred by an investigation into those crimes?  Ok…

Turns out the crimes did happen.  They happened 26 times…

The detectives investigating allegations against Nicolas Aguilar Rivera, a visiting Mexican priest, ultimately got the names of the boys from parish families. They determined the priest molested at least 26 boys during his 10 months in Los Angeles, according to the priest’s confidential archdiocese file and police records made public by attorneys for the victims.

Twenty-five of the alleged victims were altar boys and the 26th was training with the priest to be one, saidAnthony DeMarco, a plaintiff attorney. It’s not clear what impact Mahony’s action had on the investigation, though at the time police complained that the archdiocese wasn’t fully cooperating.

Look, Mahoney denied the police that information to protect the children that were raped by a priest under his supervision, not to obstruct the investigation into the church’s culpability.  Why would you ever doubt that?

J. Michael Hennigan, an attorney with the archdiocese, said Mahony didn’t reveal a list of altar boys, also called altar servers, to police because he didn’t believe any of the alleged victims were among them. Mahony was in Rome on Wednesday and was not available to comment, Hennigan said.

See?  The police don’t determine what’s relevant to the case, the institution being accused does.  In fact, why are the police even doing an investigation?  There were no victims on that list – Mahoney said so himself.  Case closed guys.  Head home and don’t have gay sex.

[Mahoney] denied under questioning from plaintiff attorneys that his motivation in holding back the list was to protect the priest and delay the investigation.

Mahony also defended Curry, the vicar for clergy, for telling Aguilar Rivera that the church would need to contact police and that the accused priest was “in a good deal of danger.”

Yes the church, not the victims, will decide when the police should be called.  And what does he mean “a good deal of danger”?  From being convicted and tossed in jail?  I can only hope so.  However, little chance of that happening now…

Aguilar Rivera was accused in January 1988 by two families who told church officials that he had fondled their children and, in one instance, climbed into bed with a boy after drinking too much during a Christmas celebration at the family’s home.

The priest was told about the complaints by Curry and fled to Mexico before police were notified. He remains a fugitive and is believed to be in Mexico.

The complaints came in on a Friday and Curry met with the priest on Saturday morning. Police weren’t notified until Monday and Aguilar Rivera was gone.

So much for that.  He probably fled to protect the children.

Mahoney’s a sleazebag.  Anybody filling the coffers of his church can kiss the moral high ground goodbye for life.

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