Catch me on Secular.FM tonight!

Hey everybody!  Just a reminder that I’ll be on Secular.FM’s 24-hour podcast fundraiser tonight at 7:15pm EST.  Tune in and listen for when I say “Pokemon”.  That will be my secret “hello” to all my listeners.

Secular.FM seeks to create a secular broadcasting network.  On Feb. 22-23 they’ll be doing a 24 hour podcast-a-thon to benefit Foundation Beyond Belief.  They’ve got some pretty rad names coming on the show:

The guest list and schedule is (all times EST):

1200-1230 Hosts: Mark Nebo – David Viviano – Tanner Campbell
1230-1300 Dale McGowan
1315-1345 Alix Jules
1400-1430 Neil Wehnman
1445-1515 Dave Muscato
1530-1600 Jaclyn Glenn
1615-1645 Muhammad Syed
1700-1730 Mark Sandlin
1745-1815 Dan Arel

1830-1900 Jessica Ahlquist*
1915-1945 JT Eberhard
2000-2030 James Croft
2045-2115 Rob Boston
2130-2200 AJ Johnson
2215-2245 Seth Andrews
2300-2330 Shely Segal
2315-2345 Nate Phelps*
0000-0030 DJ Gorthe
0045-0115 Stacks Rocsh
0145-0215 Eric Banholdz
0230-0300 Emery Emery
0315-0345 David Fitzgerald
0400-0430 Andy Cheadle-Ford
0445-0515 Armin Navabi
0530-0600 Issac Big Mike Smalls
0615-0645 William Hamby
0700-0730 Brian Fields
0745-0815 Jamila Bey
0830-0900 Jerry DeWitt
0915-0945 MC Brooks
1000-1030 Bria Crutchfield
1045-1115 Paul Loebe
1130-1200 Dale McGowan

Nate and Jessica Ahlquist are tenative due to time, but they both are hoping to be a part of it.

As you can see, I’ll be going on the air from 1915-1945 EST.  I’m not sure what we’ll talk about, but I’ll try to make it interesting.  🙂

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