Church of England reiterates it will not embrace gay marriage.

In March marriage equality will become the law of the land in England.  Many wondered how the Church of England would react.  The Church even acknowledged the need to react:

The Church of England had announced that it would address the issue of sexuality, saying it was aware it needed to reflect rapid changes in society and to address falling attendance rates and especially a failure to attract young people to the church.

So society’s moving along, people are frowning at the Church because they’re staying obedient to moral principles conceived thousands of years ago even as society becomes more enlightened.  Seems like a pretty easy call.  Let’s see how the Church of England handled it…

Church of England priests will not be allowed to bless gay and lesbian weddings, or marry someone of the same sex themselves, according to new guidelines issued by the church, which is struggling to heal divides over homosexuality.

Same-sex marriage becomes legal in England next month, posing a dilemma for the Church of England, which is the mother church of the world’s 80 million Anglicans and maintains that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Not surprised, party of me?

Give it time.  While compassion has seldom been sufficient to move religions along the path toward equality, they’ve always begrudgingly come along after the rest of society has gotten behind women’s rights, racial equality, or whatever else to such a degree that the churches begin to feel it in lost members (and, hence, their pocketbooks).  Once that happens you can bet your sweet ass the church will have a new revelation: it’s not that god was ever wrong or ever wanted gay people to be discriminated against, it’s that the church was misinterpreting “if man lies with man as with woman kill them both” the entire time!  In fact, the church led the charge for gay rights the entire time!

Pit all-powerful god against the Almighty Dollar and the dollar will win each time.

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