Courts uphold marriage equality law in Hawaii.

I doubt there will be many cries of anguish over this – the homophobes are still tripping over themselves about the marriage equality ruling in Oklahoma.  All the same:

A news release from Hawaii’s Department of Attorney General reports that on Jan. 29 a state trial court judge upheld the constitutionality under both the state and federal constitutions of Hawaii’s Marriage Equality Act of 2013:

In his ruling from the bench, Judge Sakamoto noted the importance of marriage under the federal constitution, drawing an analogy to Loving v. Virginia, the landmark United States Supreme Court case that struck down state laws banning inter-racial marriage. He concluded that the Marriage Equality Act is consistent with Article I, section 23 of the Hawaii State Constitution, and that “same-sex marriage is legal.”

This is the future – not just in Hawaii, but all across the civilized world and all across America, even in Alabama and Mississippi.

The future will be a place as unkind to bigots toward homosexuals as the present is a place unkind to the racist.  The real victory, however, will be when we disdain the scripture from which the bigot draws his bigotry as much as we disdain the bigot himself.  Right now there are plenty of people out there who love the bible, replete with commands to murder gay people, even as they lament the people who would merely deny LGBT people their marriage.  Perhaps one day we’ll start being consistent and stop completely redefining words in order to love one while regretting the other.

Because it’s highly unlikely that “put to death” really meant “support and give legal protections”.

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