Harass Keith Lowell Jensen for my benefit.

Keith Lowell Jensen, in a fruitless effort to impress me and thus gain entrance into the cool atheists club, sent me a sneak peek at his upcoming DVD An Atheist Christmas.  I cannot tell a lie: it was hilarious while sneaking in a bunch of pretty solid points.  But this leaves me with a dilemma: if I send everybody to his facebook page to demand that he release it online for everybody to see, it might go to his head and make him even more insufferable.  But, on the other hand, this video really needs to be seen.

So how about everybody goes to Keith Lowell Jensen’s facebook page and demand the release of this video but also tell him that his mustache makes him look like a creeper?  That might reduce his self esteem to the point where he feels he has to release the video in order to have friends.

Seriously though, Keith is a good dude and I think the video I just saw is some of his best work.  An Atheist Christmas is hilarious and if enough people bat their eyelashes at Keith he might release it.  #AtheistChristmasInMarch

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