House panel in Kansas approves bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against gay patrons.

Yeah, yeah, anti-discrimination laws are great and all.  Discrimination is horrible and has no place in America.  But what if our religion says we’re supposed to discriminate?  Surely the law doesn’t apply to us in that case, right?

The Kansas House will move forward with a bill that would give government employees the right to refuse service to same-sex couples on the basis of their religious beliefs.

It is not your “right” to have immunity from laws you don’t like because you are religious.  You can’t discriminate against mixed race couples just like you can’t discriminate against gay couples in America – and “because I’m religious” doesn’t make you off the hook.

Seriously, think of how ridiculous this would look if applied to other laws.  “Yeah officer, I know the speed limit is 35 mph, but my religion says I should drive no slower than 55 mph, so you can trot back to your car now.”

If this goes through it will get unmade in court.  It’s literally a waste of time that will endear a group of bigoted politicians to a public eat up with a religion that was supposed to make them more moral.

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