Klingenschmitt: gay soldiers have to take combat breaks to change their diapers.

A group of now ex-military chaplains are suing the navy because the navy wouldn’t let them talk about what horrible people gays are.  This sounds reasonable since some of the people laying their lives on the line for America are, y’know, gay.  Also because it isn’t remotely true (but then, if that were an impediment, most chaplains would be out of a job).  Anyway, that group sent out this press release:

Before civilizations crumble, the last thing to hit the fan is government-sponsored, government-forced, homosexuality, sodomy, and pedophilia. Homosexuality is a psychiatric disorder and probably the worst sin described in the Holy Bible due to the permanent damage caused to what was or is or might have been a temple of the Spirit. The consequences are said to be nothing short of eternal damnation, by choice. It’s a shame that the US military, historically known to be a beacon of morality and religious tolerance and freedom, while the civilian sector has engaged in immorality, is now having its nose shoved in the dirt of filth to make the Sinners-in-Chief in the highest echelons of politics–the perverts, the pedophiles, and the psychiatrically ill–feel better about themselves.

So much wrong with that.  There’s been homosexuality in every civilization, just as much as there has been people with brown eyes in every civilization.  It doesn’t matter whether the civilization thrived or died, homosexuality has been there.  The most thriving states and the most thriving countries in the world right now are friendly to gay rights, while those mired in poverty and ignorance are often the most aversive to gay rights.

And homosexuality is a psychiatric disorder?  This is news to the American Psychological Association (and every major psychological body in the civilized world).  I guess when a book written before the discovery of pretty much every piece of modern knowledge disagrees with what we’ve learned about humanity and the universe, sorry, but we have to jettison what we know.

It’s also highly ironic to scoff at the military being a beacon of religious tolerance and freedom because they refuse to make other people kowtow to the tenets of your specific faith.

Anyway, Gordon Klingenschmitt quotes one of these ex-chaplains, John R. Kauffman, the other day and agreed with him:

The money quote was:

“homosexuality is a combat divider” because it results in gay soldiers “taking breaks on the combat field to change diapers all because their treacherous sin causes them to lose control of their bowels.”

I’m not terribly surprised.  When your barometer for reality is a guy rising from the dead and walking on water, gay men wearing diapers and taking a timeout in the middle of combat to change them sounds reasonable.

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