Linda Harvey: being gay is like being anorexic.

Mission America’s Linda Harvey gave an interview to the ironically named American Family Associan’s radio show the other day where she compared homosexuality (which the American Psychological Association considers to be a perfectly normal facet of human psychology) to anorexia (which the American Psychological Association considers to be a psychological disorder).  This is akin to saying enjoying blowjobs is like schizophrenia.

The show’s hosts did not disagree:

Vitagliano agreed with Harvey’s assessment that just as anorexic people are “driven by an impulse not to eat” because they believe they are overweight, gay people are under the false impression that they are gay and so think they are attracted to people of the same sex. “It’s such a perfect and biblical view of a person who sees themselves as homosexual,” he said.

“Your body is made to eat, otherwise you will starve; with homosexuals, your body is not made for the kind of relations they have, it’s made for heterosexuality,” Harvey added later in the interview. “We’re basically all heterosexuals.”

She concluded that both people with eating disorders and gay people are “deluded” and on a path to “self-destruction.”

Yes, if you don’t eat you will starve.  Your body will start consuming your muscles and organs, it’s no good for you (one can only wonder why a loving god would include anorexia in his design).  And if you have sex with someone of the same sex rather than someone of the opposite sex…you’ll have fun?  If your same-sex partner makes you eggs in the morning, they’re clearly insane.  What a fucking idiot.

The amount of arrogance gushing out of this woman is immeasurable.  She is saying that she has a more reasonable assessment of homosexuality than the entire battery of psychological experts the world over.  Not because she has spent over a decade studying psychology, not because she has spent decades after that education contributing to the field, but because she read a book written thousands of years ago by people ignorant of even the original morsels of psychological knowledge.  This would be a point of extreme shame normally, but the bible can really make people think they’re that special.

The journey to feeling exemplary is clearly loads shorter and easier than the journey to actually being exemplary.  The former is the only product faith can peddle.  The latter actually requires hard work and intelligence.

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