Megachurch pastor thinks he’s found the anti-Christ: it’s an uppity gay football player.

Dwight McKissic is a megachurch pastor who is pretty nostalgic about minority heroes who speak up loud and proud:

Fifty years ago, James Brown released a song that became a great source of inspiration, pride, and self-esteem for Black Americans—“Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.” I remember it so well. All the kids in my neighborhood sang it with great joy. It became a rallying cry. Bursting out of obscurity into the National Spotlight recently hails Michael Sam saying it loud, “I am gay and I’m proud.”

Ok, cool.  So when a man who is the victim of discrimination announces publicly that he won’t be made to feel shame for who he is, he’s a hero.  He’s someone who Dwight McKissic admires and remembers – a particularly bright star in the canopy of history.

So surely McKissic will get behind Michael Sam, the football standout headed for the NFL who just came out of the closet reiterating James Brown’s sentiment of saying it loud and saying it proud.

Will Michael Sam become the face of the “gay rights” movement that takes us down the road to Sodom and Gomorrah at a record setting pace? Mr. Sam has received words of affirmation from President and Mrs. Obama, Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, and a host of others, simply for announcing to the world that he prefers to engage in sexual activity with another male, rather than a female.

So James Brown’s refusal to be shamed was the rallying cry of a hero.  Michael Sam’s is an indication that he is the anti-Christ.  Consistency, you are a delicacy to which the faithful are allergic.

And you think it was the President of the USA and of the NFL that made this a big deal?  No, no, no.  Religious people made it a big deal.  If they hadn’t spent so much time trying to shame LGBT people into silence then it wouldn’t be a matter of any concern when someone isn’t ashamed about who they are.  But since religious people have waged psychological warfare in Jesus name against people who sleep with a consenting adult of which their religion does not approve, then it is a big deal when somebody with a lot to lose isn’t afraid of the faithful.

It’s easy to have no fear of hell, for it is a fantasy that can hurt nobody.  It’s quite an act of bravery though to stare down mobs of believers who wish to make you a second class citizen and who take it as an affront to their liberty if they are stopped, and to act without fear.  Hell cannot hurt anybody, but misguided people can.  That’s why religion must die, not because it’s true, but because people treat it as though it’s true.  Michael Sam would rather endure the trials that Christians will throw his way out of some twisted concept of love like being drafted lower, less playing time, less pay, etc., than be blackmailed by the threat of those things into being ashamed of himself for no good reason.

That’s bravery, and I admire the man for it.

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