Oklahoma Rep. won’t even hear marijuana legalization bill because his churchmates wouldn’t approve.

This about made me want to vomit.

Term-limited State Sen. Don Barrington (R-Lawton) is a rigid, religious, law-and-order type who won’t brook any opportunity for the pro-marijuana crowd to get their voice heard in his Public Safety Committee.

Johnson said she is discouraged that Barrington “will not hear SB 2116” because of “non-specific reasons including DA’s, ‘soft-on-crime,’ (and) his church members would not be in favor of it …

Oh good.  I’m glad that his church is making decisions for all of Oklahoma.  You know, for all the rhetoric we get about gay people forcing their lifestyle on “everybody else” when LGBT folks say they want to marry who they want, this type of thing reeks of hypocrisy.  For all the wretched contents of the bible, it did have some good stuff about hypocrisy.  I wish those verses got as much attention as the “kill gay people with rocks” verses.  Then we might not have to deal with this.

For the people by the people?  Sure – as long as those people attend your Don Barrington’s church.  This is the very heart of a theocracy: the religious group in power making decisions for everybody else.  It’s the very type of thing our nation’s founders fought a war and devised our Constitution to avoid – and it’s exactly what the religious right wants.

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