Another child dies of treatable condition as parents pray.

Once again a couple parents have trusted go to cure their child of a treatable condition instead of taking the kid to the doctor.  Once again a child who could’ve lived didn’t.

A couple have been jailed for the manslaughter of their five-month old son, who died from rickets after they neglected his care because of their religious beliefs.

Nkosiyapha Kunene, 36, and his wife, Virginia, 32, admitted the manslaughter of their son Ndingeko. Mr Kunene was jailed for three years, and his wife for two years, three months.

The pair repeatedly rejected medical treatment and ignored the advice of relatives to seek help after their son became ill, stating that only God gives life.

God is the only one who gives life?  One can only wonder why every time parents choose prayer over medical treatment that the kid dies of diseases doctors could have treated.  But when I think of god giving things, I have to wonder who gave the kid rickets.  That wasn’t doctors or any human.  No, god invented rickets and, when he decided what to keep in his “perfectly loving plan”, he decided to leave it in there – but left us on our own in discovering the cure.

Expecting the being that conceived of rickets and who gave it to your son to remove the affliction because you asked on bended knee is about like asking the convicted and proud arsonist who just lit your house on fire to put it out instead of calling the fire department.

Given the proper set of irrational beliefs, like god will heal sickness, can easily transform love into neglect.  Other Christians will scoff at these parents saying of course you don’t just pray: you pray and take the kid to the doctor.  This is how they try to maintain the illusion that prayer does anything while actually going through the motions of what really works.  If, upon entering the lobby of their doctor’s office, they were told they had to choose between medical treatment discovered and implemented by mortals and prayer, they’d all take the doctor.  They know.

As I’ve always said, combining prayer with medical treatment and insisting they share the glory when a patient recovers is like asserting that it’s singing in the shower that makes a person clean.

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