God loves the guy who didn’t board Malaysia Airlines 370 way more than all those other poor souls.

This man is a pretentious clod:

All-knowing, all-powerful god knew the plane was going to crash.  He watched 239 other people board it, watched as it plummeted from the sky, watched each and ever one of those people die in about the most horrific way imaginable – as he knew they would – and did nothing.  But this guy?  He was just too damn important to the world that he had to be spared.  It’s hard to tell because god hasn’t given him anything that would distinguish him from anybody else – he looks to have a normal home, probably a normal job just like everybody else.  Certainly he doesn’t possess world-changing intelligence on the level of some of the world’s great scientists (some of which have died prematurely while god watched on, waiting to save this random man from Houston).

But still, he’s just so damn special.  He’s more special than every child who will die of starvation today (and every other day) while god watches on with indifference, able to intercede in the name of compassion but unwilling to do so.  He’s more special than every kidnapped woman and child in the world today who will be violated and beaten, their whereabouts a mystery to humanity but fully known by a god who has nothing to lose by rescuing them.  That’s all ok…but this guy?  This oblivious, self-important dunce from Houston?  He must be saved.

Ain’t god great?  He must be, since he’s where we get our sense of morality.

Religion of humility.  Right.

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