Your morning happiness: for every villain, a thousand heroes.

In the wake of professional League of Legends player Promise fallen victim to a fraud that could have (and may have) destroyed his career and his attempt to take his own life, the League of Legends community has swiftly pulled together.

NA analyst and coach of Counterlogic Gaming, MonteCristo, is friends with representatives of AHQ Gaming in Korea.  He is arranging countless charitable efforts to cover Promise’s hospital bills so Promise’s family, which is not very well off, won’t have to.

Riot Gaming is not only launching an investigation, promising to make changes to prevent this from ever happening again, but they’re also going to make sure the family is ok:

The Korean branch of Riot, League of Legend’s developer, issued an official statement, which, according to Kotaku tipster Sang, states that it has formed an internal task force to investigate the match fixing. Riot Korea also added that it will spare no expense in aiding Promise’s full and complete recovery.

Wickd, the top laner for the EU LCS team Alliance (a team similarly constructed of purely superstar talent), is donating all the ad revenue from his stream today to Promise’s recovery.  I’ve had his stream on in my other monitor all day with ad block turned off.  I urge anybody to throw on the stream in the background and just turn the volume off.  The viewers of his stream have been bombarding the chat panel all morning insisting that Wickd play more advertisements – even when Wickd was playing.  When Wickd finished one of his earlier games he played two minutes of ads, right under the maximum allowed, and the viewers almost rioted.  Wickd quickly gave them three minutes of ads, and then another three minutes which cut into his next game.  Nobody seemed to mind.

There is a big tournament coming up this weekend, the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, Poland.  An elite team from every region of the world will be present.  The Italian group that covers the event, GoaCoast, will be donating all their ad revenue for the entire three day event:

More players and more fans are coming together by the hour to try and unmake this tragedy to whatever extent is possible.

So while the scam of AHQ Gaming may be a terrible reflection of humanity wherever there is money to be made, the response has shown that the compassion to value lives over cash exists in abundance.  It stirs the heart and provides hope by demonstrating humanity’s positive potential.

The last message to be thrown out is the need to remind depressed people that even though your brain may be insisting that you are unloved and can never be loved, your brain is lying to you.  Promise is a very talented young man who, with therapy and treatment, could have gone back to realizing his dreams despite this setback rather than spending years in a hospital.  Depression is a sickness, not a personal flaw or an indication that you are weak.  If you are depressed, do what you would do for any other sickness and get treated.

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