Did you know that Day of Silence silences conservatives and is medical malpractice?

Day of Silence is an annual day of protest against gay people being bullied into the closet.  Protesters remain silent all day in solidarity of closeted LGBT people, sometimes wearing tape over their mouths.  I participated every year in college and even helped organize some years.

I thought I was making plain my opposition to bullying, but I found out this morning that I was silencing conservatives (by opposing the silencing of LGBT people):

Harvey warned that the Day of Silence helps LGBT and allied students feel “empowered in very inappropriate ways,” to intimidate others: “The Day of Silence, the real silencing going on is not the so-called LGBT students, the real silencing going on is conservative and Christian thought.”

“What’s dishonest about this movement is they don’t acknowledge that their end goal is not ending bullying, they’re using that; their end goal is to eradicate conservative moral beliefs or to make it socially, politically impossible to repeat them,” Higgins said. “This is dishonest to say this is just about bullying, this is really and truly about silencing conservatives.”

Don’t you see???  By taking  a stand against bullying, we’re bullying the conservatives you have created an atmosphere of fear and hate such that many LGBT people must be secretive of their nature.  If your moral beliefs take a hit when somebody says “bullying is bad” then your moral beliefs aren’t terribly moral.

The presence of shame when you say brutal, untrue, and silly things doesn’t stop you from saying them.  If you don’t want to feel the shame and opposition those type of comments evince, you should ensure that your position is factually based and reasonable before airing it.  That’s up to you, not anybody else.

Mission America’s Linda Harvey and Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute, an AFA affiliate, discussed the boycott plans on Harvey’s weekend radio show, where Harvey claimed that the Day of Silence actually represents “medical malpractice.”

“This is educational malpractice, it really is, and it really should be medical malpractice,” she said of gay rights advocacy, “especially when you have HIV rates and the other hazards we know that are out there for kids.”

Higgins added that public school educators “censor” anti-gay activists by citing concerns about “safety, or whatever that is,” and said that their curriculum “violates any kind of principles of sound pedagogy.”

You probably used to think that only doctors could be guilty of medical malpractice.  Well, Laurie Higgins: 1 Your judgment: 0.

And if AIDS is your concern (and therefore all gay people, even the ones without AIDS, should abstain, while straight people, even the ones without AIDS, should still get to fuck), you’d think these ladies would be ecstatic about lesbians since they have a far, far lower STD rate than their straight counterparts.  Why aren’t Laurie Higgins and Linda Harvey out telling straight girls to be lesbians for fear of AIDS?

Because AIDS is a cop-out to attempt to provide secular justification for religious bullshit, and it’s a shitty cop-out at that.

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