Stream highlights!

In my effort to be more participatory in the atheist gaming community, I’m going to try to stream a little bit every day.  I’ll also post any highlights from the stream on the following day.  Here are yesterdays fun moments from League of Legends.

Playing URF Maokai

Here I wanted to get out of spawn as quickly as possible, use teleport to get into lane, and create a death trap for when Lucian and Morgana arrive.  It totally worked.  :)

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This next clip is from the same game.  I’m split-pushing with Maokai and I know the goon squad is going to come for me, so I make a preemptive trap in a nearby bush.  Sure enough, Diana and Lucian come to stop me.  I manage to kill them both.

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Playing Blitzcrank with Maokai

The next game I played Blitzcrank with another Maokai.  The idea was to pull people into the death bush.  It worked on the opposing team’s Fizz.

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Playing a real game

For the last clip, here’s a clip from a real game.  I’m playing Lucian in a lane with perhaps the worst Blitzcrank in the history of League of Legends.  The other lane is ahead, so Morgana tries to rush me.  She has a skill that can lock me down, but it can be blocked by minions.  So rather than run, as most players would do, I danced around in my minion wave, always keeping minions between the two of us, while I proceed to take half her health.

It wasn’t the flashiest play, but it was mechanically sound.  :)

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