BREAKING: Oregon joins the marriage equality party!

Sorry for the lack of content today.  I’ll be honest: Michaelyn and I are doing wedding stuff and just enjoying her first real day off in a long time.  She’s a college grad now: no classes on Monday.  :)

Hopefully this cheerful news will make up for it: Oregon’s gay marriage ban is no more.

regon cannot bar same-sex couples from marrying, a federal judge ruled Monday.

“Because Oregon’s marriage laws discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, the laws violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution,” U.S. District Court Judge Michael McShane wrote.

The ruling from McShane is the twelfth federal trial court ruling since last summer’s ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act to find the state bans on same-sex couples’ marriages and/or on recognition of such marriages are unconstitutional.

That makes 16 federal judges in a row who have all reached the same simple conclusion: discrimination is discrimination, even if you’re discriminating against gay people.

And the ruling goes into effect immediately, as nobody with the authority to challenge the ruling intends to do so:

Unlike most of the other challenges, however, none of the government officials in Oregon plan to appeal McShane’s ruling. As such, the ruling goes into effect immediately when McShane issues the judgment in the case.

In concluding, McShane — an out gay Oregon judge appointed to the federal bench by President Obama — write that “on this issue of marriage I am struck more by our similarities than our differences. I believe that if we can look for a moment past gender and sexuality, we can see in these plaintiffs nothing more or less than our own families. Families who we would expect our Constitution to protect, if not exalt, in equal measure. With discernment we see not shadows lurking in closets or the stereotypes of what was once believed; rather, we see families committed to the common purpose of love, devotion, and service to the greater community.”

Congrats, Oregon!  :)

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