Businesses in Mississippi that deserve your patronage.

I wrote a while back how even before Mississippi passed its turn-away-the-gays bill how many businesses in the state were putting a sticker in their windows to protest.  The stickers read “We don’t discriminate: if you’re buying, we’re selling.”

Now the ironically-named American Family Association has put out a list of these businesses saying

This sticker is being placed in windows of Mississippi businesses by their owners.

Ironically,this sticker represents the very promotion of discrimination…against the freedom of religious convictions.

No, saying we don’t discriminate and if you want to buy our product we don’t give a shit what consenting adult you swap spit with is about as far from discrimination as you can get.  If you turn away gay people from your business, whether you think it’s god’s will or not, you are discriminating.  The reason doesn’t change the discrimination.  We didn’t rule against “Whites Only” signs over drinking fountains with an asterisk that read “unless you’re doing it for religious reasons, then it’s not discrimination.

Businesses that display this sticker believe Christians should be forced, by law, to embrace homosexuality and deny their faith in personal business practices.

Yeah, they also believe you should have to serve black people, women, single parents, atheists…it turns out that non-discrimination laws don’t, well, discriminate.

“We believe Christian business owners have the inalienable right to refuse to participate in, or provide service to, same-sex marriage ceremonies and activities if it violates their religious convictions. The businesses listed below are spreading hateful rhetoric against the religious freedoms and convictions of Christians.

Yeah, saying “well serve the people Christians won’t” is totally hateful against Christians.  If this is the lengths to which you must go to claim you’re oppressed, you’re probably not oppressed.

And if you’re in Mississippi, here’s the AFA’s list.  Go drop some dollars at these places to reward them for not being assholes.

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