Help send a deserving young woman to Camp Quest.

One of the organizers of Camp Quest Kansas City linked me to this post the other day and it seemed like a worthy cause to share:

Carey is no longer welcomed at the church camp she attended for years after coming out to her youth group friends and leadership. After a brief stint with Judaism, Carey has decided, “Forget the religious crap.”

Carey is now seeking a community where she is welcomed and accepted for who she is and where she can explore her beliefs in a nonjudgemental atmosphere. Carey’s family is unable to afford the tuition for Camp Quest due to a fire which took their home and all it’s contents. Carey is just one of the eleven amazing children applying for financial aid this summer.

We have already raised $541. If 50 more people donated $40 we could send all eleven financial aid applicants to camp. Please go to our website and donate today!

I would be volunteering as a counselor there in two seconds if I wasn’t getting married next month.  :(  Ah well, there’s always next year…