Louie Gohmert compares LGBT equality advocates to Nazis.

You want to see an entire universe of unhinged rambling?  Here it is, direct from a member of the House of Representatives:

We only want marriage for select individuals and people are calling us intolerant!  Waaaaaaaaaaah!

So much wrong here.  Gohmert starts by saying he loves gay people, yet he wants them to have fewer rights than other Americans.  If the actions of your love are indistinguishable from the actions of hate, calling it love won’t convince the subjects of your “love”.

“People that stand up and say, you know, I agree with the majority of Americans…”

First, the majority of Americans wants marriage equality.

So if the majority should rule here, Louie, it’s time to switch sides.  Of course that isn’t what matters.  99% of our citizens could want to see marriage equality legalized and Louie would still stand in opposition – because to him it’s all about using the government’s power (Louie is a proponent of small government, btw) to force every American, Christian or not, to live by the tenets of his faith.

I agree with Moses…

Moses was a-ok with the command to kill people for working on the Sabbath, and I don’t see Louie trying to get that into our laws (and I don’t see him shrieking “intolerance” when we say that’s an asshole thing to do).  I don’t think people willing to murder someone for working on whatever day they please should be informing our laws, especially if it’s on the basis of “god told us to.”

…and Jesus that marriage is [between] a man and woman…

Jesus never said a word about it.  Even if he had, so fucking what?  Bigotry is no more noble if Jesus promotes it than if Louie Gohmert promotes it.  Cruelty doesn’t suddenly become moral if Jesus said it.

…now all of a sudden we’re considered haters, hate-mongers, evil, which really is exactly what we’ve seen throughout our history as going back to the days of the Nazi takeover in Europe.”

Yeah, we saw real evil with the Nazis since gay people were among the Holocaust victims.  Maybe it had something to do with all that Gott mit Uns stuff?  Frankly, I wish people who worked to keep gays closeted and who toiled to make sure they received fewer rights than other Americans were called haters throughout our history.  Sadly, they were often called (and are still often called) noble, moral servants of the lord.  I wish it didn’t take this long for the majority of people to realize what they really are.

“First, they would call people haters, evil, and build up disdain for those people who held those opinions or religious views or religious heritage.”

Yes, it was totally because they were religious, and not because they were being assholes on account of their religion.  And, as we all know, once you point out that someone is being hateful the only remaining option is to educate them.  Hey, isn’t Louie Gohmert saying that gay rights advocates are being intolerant and hateful?

“Then next came, well those people are so evil and hateful let’s bring every book that they’ve written, or that has to do with them, and start burning the books,” Gohmert continued, referring to Nazi book burnings.

Yes, because saying “the bible is wrong” is the same as burning it.

“That’s called projecting,” he said. “Someone that has a characteristic and to divert condemnation on themselves, they project their characteristic on someone with whom they disagree.”

Whoa, that’s deep.  So we don’t call people who work to keep LGBT Americans relegated to second class citizens because we treasure equality, but rather because we’re just full of hate for no reason.  Cool story.  So if our front of caring about equality is just a rationalization, shouldn’t someone as sharp as Louie Gohmert be be able to explain why that rationalization is unreasonable without just saying our motives are insincere?

“So the most intolerant in America … like me, yeah we get upset, we can’t stand to see our nation torn apart.

Who’s doing the tearing?  You’re the ones saying you get to marry but that anybody who is attracted to a consenting adult of whom you don’t approve shouldn’t get to marry.  That’s like saying the abolitionists were tearing the country apart so, dad gummit, I guess we need to keep slavery.

Can’t stand to see the Judeo-Christian values on which our country was founded demeaned, depicted as somehow evil, so we stand up for those things…

This country was not founded on Judeo-Christian values.  It was founded on freedom of religion.  If the GOP were to write up a Constitution for a new nation today, you can bet it would be saturated with the words “god,” “Jesus,” “Christianity,” and many similar terms.  Our founding fathers had the chance to do this, but they did not (despite pressure from some churches to do so).  That’s because America was to be a nation that promised equality for all, which included equal protection under our laws.

And if the values of your religion are discriminatory or otherwise ignorant, they should be demeaned!  Don’t get pissy at the people demeaning them, change your values.

…but there’s no hate for individuals.”

Just for large groups of individuals who don’t comport their lives with the decrees of your holy book.  Well I guess that’s ok then.

And we’re bound to have a few Christians say that Louie Gohmert isn’t a real Christian, etc., etc.  But they will almost all only be concerned with telling us how great Christianity is.  It will be up to the atheists, and the atheists alone, to challenge Gohmert directly and tell him how horrible he is.  Louie Gohmert is undoubtedly hearing tons of support from Christians for his comments, but I wonder how much opposition he’s hearing from them.  I wonder if, proportionally, it’s more than I get to hear how great Christianity is in the wake of calling him out.  I doubt it.

Forgive me if that makes Christianity even less shiny in my eyes.

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