Pastor Becky Riggle: businesses have the right to refuse Jews for religious reasons.

Here’s a Houston preacher trying to convince the city council to enact a turn away the gays bill:

Good on the councilwoman for calling her on her bullshit.  The look on her face at the end conveyed what she was thinking, which makes me wish she had vocalized what she was thinking.

We don’t need to start giving religious people exemptions to whatever laws they don’t feel like following.  The take home message: discrimination is bad, unless you’re a Christian.  Then it’s ok no matter who you’re discriminating against, but don’t worry – we’ll only use our power on the gays.

You want to know what real injustice looks like?  This woman goes to bed at night certain she’s more moral than most people.

Tip of the hat to Joe My God for this one.

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