Secularists protest Alabama violations of the separation of church and state.

In response to the slew of blatant intermingling of church and state in Alabama recently, about a hundred demonstrators gathered at the steps of the Alabama Capitol to protest:

Lisa York Cox says she is concerned about the direction of the Alabama state legislature and other state leadership.

“They laws they are trying to pass are trying to deprive people of their inalienable rights, and I think that is wrong,” she said.

Cox, of Huntsville, was one of about 100 residents from across the state who attended the Alabama Rally for Secular Government hosted by the Montgomery Area Freethought Association today on the steps of the capitol building.

Several of the attendees wore buttons and shirts explaining their non-religious beliefs. They carried signs exclaiming “Thump Your Constitution Not the Bible!” and “Keep Gods Out of Government” in hopes of capturing the attention of state lawmakers.

Susan Watson, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama, said separation of church and state is a “fundamental value that the ACLU has consistently fought hard to defend.

Good on them.  This kind of thing takes a fair amount of bravery in an area where you are ferociously outnumbered.

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