There is a stealth movement to make divorce more difficult.

I was unaware of this, but it doesn’t surprise me:

In cooperation with the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage, socially conservative politicians have been quietly trying to make it harder for couples to get divorced. In recent years, lawmakers in more than a dozen states have introduced bills imposing longer waiting periods before a divorce is granted, mandating counseling courses or limiting the reasons a couple can formally split. States such asArizona, Louisiana and Utah have already passed such laws, while others such as Oklahoma and Alabama are moving to do so.

If divorces are tougher to obtain, social conservatives argue, fewer marriages will end. And having more married couples is not just desirable in its own right but is a social good, they say.

Having more marriages is a social good…yet these are the same people fighting with all their might to prevent marriages from coalescing in the form of gay marriage bans.  Make up your damn minds.

And yes, without additional hurdles more marriages will end.  Some marriages need to end.  If a man is beating the shit out of his wife, she should be able to dissolve that marriage.  She shouldn’t have to go to counseling.  She shouldn’t be put on a waiting list.  She should be able to end the fucking marriage.

If Jesus says otherwise, Jesus is wrong.

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