GOP candidate in Minnesota believes humans and dinosaurs live together…like right now.

Bob Frey is a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in Minnesota.  He wants a position of responsibility in an era dominated by science, which suggests that our leaders should have some knowledge and/or appreciation for science.

So how does Bob measure up?  Well, he’s actually testified before the states’ Senate Education Committee, where he told them that not only did dinosaurs live alongside humans at one time (which is demonstrably and obviously false), but that dinosaurs still share the world with humans to this day:

Frey, who also has his own bizarre theory about HIV/AIDS, alleged in a 2004 appearance before the Minnesota State Senate Education Committee that the fossil record proves that “dinosaurs have always lived with man,” and such “real science” should be taught in public schools.

Here’s the audio.  At one point in the background you can hear Frey talking about how the bible talks of giants living among humans:

Giving this man influence on a society whose infrastructure is built and operated on the fruits of science would be like trusting your toddler to drive you to the store when actual adults with driver’s licenses are available.

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