Matt Barber: Conservatives should use civil disobedience to fight gay marriage.

Matt Barber is fed up with gay people not letting him run their private lives, and he thinks it’s time for his 78% majority of citizens to adopt the tactics of heroic minority movements of the past: civil disobedience.

During an interview on REEL Talk, Barber said that “we are going to reach a point in the U.S. where we revisit some of the civil disobedience that we saw in the 60s during those civil rights struggles.”

Except it wasn’t the majority performing the civil disobedience then, it was the minorities.  That would be like if white business owners were engaging in civil disobedience because the courts were making them serve African Americans.  And how does that even work?  Take sit-ins, for example.  It only worked because the racial minorities were intentionally violating unjust laws.  Where are members of the Christian majority going to do their sit-ins?  Where are they discriminated against?  Where are the bridal shops that refuse to serve them?

A more apt description of what Barber is advocating would be “pitching a fit.”

Right Wing Watch nailed him to the wall on the comparison:

Barber repeatedly claimed that the modern Religious Right is the heir to the work of Martin Luther King Jr. Of course, white conservatives of King’s day opposed desegregation (Barber’s idol Jerry Falwell was one of segregation’s biggest supporters). Not to mention that King was a vocal supporter of the labor and family planning movements, and sharply disagreed with conservatives on school-organized prayer.

Barber wasn’t done:

“They are going after Christians, they are going after churches,” Barber said. “It’s escalating but we’re not to the point, obviously, that we’re seeing with our Christian brothers and sisters around the world in Iraq, Syria and Sudan and elsewhere where they are literally being tortured and beheaded. It’s a soft persecution in the United States but that is the gateway drug, unfortunately, to violent persecution.”

Yes, because the next step after “getting to marry the consenting adult I choose” is obviously beheading Christians.  I mean, like, everybody knows that.  LGBT people pursuing equality are “going after Christians” just as much as racial minorities in the 60s were “going after white people.”  Wanting to be treated with dignity is an affront to no one, and picks nobody’s pocket.  Any misery Christians feel over this is the product of their faith and their own insecurity, and neither LGBT people or activists for their cause should feel the slightest bit of guilt for the self-imposed sadness of the bigot.

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