FAITH & GAY RIGHTS: Preacher delivers epic, discriminatory rant to Birmingham City Council.

Meet Cedric Hatcher, a Birmingham Preacher who went before city council to complain that marriage equality infringes upon his rights.  It is a rant so detached from reality, so overflowing with pouting and hate, and so over-the-top that even some of the councilman can’t help but crack up:

Hoo boy.  God looked at all the citizens of Alabama – the astrophysicists in Huntsville, the lifelong PhD philosophers at Auburn, the eminent biologists at the University of Alabama – and decided the person he’d appoint to deliver his message was this guy.  God needs a hiring agent.

What will children think if they see men kissing each other?  Well, absent the faithful contaminating their young minds with hate, they’ll probably think the same thing as when they see a man and a woman kissing each other: “oh, they’re in love.”

The whole mid-section of his rant amounts to, “my religion says they can’t do it.”  Have you ever seen a grown man throw such a tantrum over not getting his way?  He can’t dictate other people’s lives, and he thinks that makes him persecuted.

He says he can hardly say “Praise the lord” in public.  Yet here he is surrounded by police and not a damn thing happened.  Fancy that.

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