Texas clerk resigns over unwillingness to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

A Texas clerk has resigned rather than issue same-sex marriage licenses.  There’s one more person who’s unconvinced by Attorney General Paxton’s claim that clerks don’t have to do their jobs if they don’t want to:

The Rusk County Commissioners Court on Monday formally accepted the resignation of County Clerk Joyce Lewis-Kugle, apparently the first Texas elected official to quit office rather than abide by the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage.

“Before taking office, I was required to take an oath to uphold the laws of this State and the United States,” Lewis-Kugle, elected in 2006, wrote in her resignation letter to County Judge Joel Hale last week. “Due to the recent decision by the Supreme Court, the laws I swore to have now changed.”

The laws change?  What person who’s been an adult for any amount of time could’ve seen that coming?

But kudos to Joyce.  If it’s clear you can’t do the job, you need to leave the job.  You don’t get to demand that the place where you do the job is a special snowflake that ought to be immune to the law on your behalf.  I don’t agree with Joyce and same-sex marriage, but at least she has the right attitude about the law with regard to her religion.  I can appreciate that.

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